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BABY (7 - 36 months old)


Pave the learning path for life!

A good start in life is important and Baby Impact is definitely the best starting point for the little ones!

Problem solving, social personal enhancement, sensory awareness and motor skills, all the vital life skills are systematically covered in Baby Impact. Through our interactive and fun activities, our students are well equipped for the learning ahead and able to reach the full potential.

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Step up for confidence!

Confident children tend to welcome new social situations, such as school interviews and going to new school, with an open mind and an expectation that they will succeed.

Confidence will stay with children throughout life and building it in children is one of the top priorities in this competitive society! With our International IQEQ program, we put great emphasis on socio-emotion and cognitive development because we believe the combination of both are the only key to success.



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Be a smart learner at school!

With memory, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills, one can excel at school without much difficulty.

At school, students are being feed with advanced knowledge and in order to achieve success academically, children must possess strong problem solving ability and in addition, a positive attitude towards challenges are vital. In International IQEQ Program, we endeavor to ensure that all of our students develop a strong problem solving skill as well as high level of soft skills!

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For the next generation of leader!

Just being intelligent is not enough to get into good University or a promising career. To become a true leader and shine like a star, social and emotional skills are just as important.

Top Universities value soft skills like leadership, time management, communication and team work as much as academic achievement. With this belief, our International IQEQ program focus on both intellectual and socio-emotion development of our students. We systematically strengthen these two areas and to ensure that all of our students are all-rounded and shine like a super star!


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GIFTED STUDENT (with 120 or above IQ Score)


Gifted in intellectual, social and emotion aspects!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Galileo Galilei. They are gifted people in history who were recognized by their distinctive achievements. Like them, gifted children nowadays tend to stand out from their peers. From their excellent memories to emotional sensitivity to their ability to learn quickly, they tend to reach the developmental milestones early and differently.

It is important to identify their talents and offer them with opportunities to receive training at appropriate levels in order to develop their potential. Our Gifted Program is a bespoke training program for children with IQ score of 120 or above, aiming to nurture their social, emotion and intellectual needs of them.


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Throughout the years, numerous researches have been done by professors from top Universities on the effectiveness of People Impact's programs and we are proud that some of the results were published in different international conference papers and journals


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