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7 - 36 months old

A good start in life is important and Baby Impact is definitely the best starting point for the little ones!

Problem solving, social personal enhancement, sensory awareness and motor skills, all the vital life skills are systematically covered in Baby Impact. Through our interactive and fun activities, our students are well equipped for the learning ahead and able to reach the full potential.

People Impact


To build a strong foundation with enhanced sensory awareness, motor skills, cognitive & learning abilities and social skills!


Sensory Awareness

One of the key stages of infant development is to conceptualize and interact with their surroundings. This module aims to optimize sensory integration – i.e. infants’ visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic development which rapidly increases their response rates to their novel surroundings.

Cognition and Learning

Universally known, the learning capabilities of babies are prominent during infancy. This module aims to enhance problem solving capacity of infants through environmental stimulation and anticipatory imitation with limbs, head, and eyes for strengthening their cognitive development.

Motor Skills

A baby’s interaction to the environment requires a myriad of agile body movements. This module aspires to capitalize the time-frame where a baby’s mobility, flexibility and balance could be molded for the purpose of building a strong physique and a controlled endurance with physical vitality.

Socio-Personal Skills

Socio-personal competency is another cornerstone of every baby's interactivity with people. This module involves various programs to develop the essential interpersonal skills that every baby requires. These programs include confidence building exercises and interactive communication sessions to ensure that the babies’ socio-emotional intelligence is at its developmental pinnacle.