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We believe that every child is gifted in a unique way. By using assessment tools, parents and teachers are able to understand the individual needs of each student and provide appropriate training for them.

People Impact offers a variety of international recognized assessment tools, suitable for babies to teenagers, in order to keep track on their social, academic and intelligence development.


This is a questionnaire-based assessment, used to determine the age-related developmental progress of babies in five areas: Communication, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Problem Solving and Personal-Social. Students of Baby Impact Program are able to utilize this questionnaire as a tool to monitor the learning progress and for outcome measurement.


RAVEN’S PROGRESSIVE MATRICES (4 years old or above)

These tests have proven to provide key indicators of intellectual functioning and our teachers are able to make use of this assessment to understand the cognitive function of a child, in order to provide appropriate training. With IQ score of 120 or above in this assessment, children may consider being placed in our Gifted Program.


ROSENBERG'S SELF-ESTEEM SCALE (3 years old or above)

The aim of this assessment is to evaluate one’s worth or value and the degree of positive or negative orientation toward self. With an understanding of a child’s self-esteem level, our teachers are able to offer education advice such as school selection or extra-curricular activities planning.


3Q-PRO SCREENING ASSESSMENT (3 years old or above)

Every single child has his/her own developmental pace and learning style. In People Impact, we wish to understand the unique needs of each child first and select the most appropriate training for him/her. 3Q-Pro Screening Assessment is designed to assess the ability, strengths and weaknesses of our students in the area of IQ, EQ and AQ. The report and private consultation are able to assist parents to choose the most appropriate training for the child.



CORE DEVELOPMENTAL AREAS (3 years old or above)

The main purpose of Major Developmental Milestones and Core Developmental Areas is to allow parents to keep track on the learning progress of our students. Each of our student has his/her own report monthly, with a list of behavioral measurement and learning objectives. Parents and trainers are able to make use of this report in order to understand the learning needs of students.

Major Developmental Milestones:
Visual, Auditory, Tactile, Kinaesthetic, Gross Movement, Fine Movement, Eye-hand Coordination, Communication & Language, Pleasure & Play

Core Developmental Areas:
IQ: Creativity, Thinking, Verbal Intelligence, Numerical Reasoning, Logic, Definition, Creative Sequencing, Symbols & Grids, Memory, Sensory Awareness, Spatial Awareness, Colors & Shapes, Number Puzzles, Word Puzzles
EQ: Self Esteem, Anger Management, Money Management, Time Management, Planning Skills, Survival Skills, Project Management, Practical Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, Coping Skills, Leadership Skills