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Program Assessment Counselling Exchange


Our counseling team comprises of counselling psychologist trainee from university, social worker, counsellor, family therapist and psychology graduates.



As parents, selecting schools with the right fit is only the initial step, getting in is a challenge and fitting in is the biggest challenge for both parents and children. All these steps are no longer just a matter of scores. Strong academic performance only acts as the ‘entrance ticket’ to schools and students still need a host of other differentiating factors to stand out and enjoy school life. To up the chance, students are expected to attain a balanced portfolio of achievements, international exposure and most importantly, an impeccable character with leadership traits, confidence, eloquence or poise.

In People Impact, our professional counselling team is here to guide the children and family through all the challenges, by preparing the students for qualities that schools will value and offering educational or parenting advice with our years of experience. It is only with your active input that our counsellors can look deep into the child’s upbringing and generate insights about his character, strengths and gaps. It is also from this exchange process that visions and expectations for the child are often crystalized. We hope to help broaden the children’s perspectives, stimulate a passion for learning, and inspire greater aspirations. We also hope the family will, through our service, discover more about the child, his potentials, and even the contributions he can make to the world around him.



Sometimes families can be affected by certain events or changes – a bereavement, a divorce, moving to a new place or lose of a job, and can need to take some time to deal with whatever’s happened.

People Impact values holistic development of each child and would like to support parents in their family roles. Our counselling team provides counselling or therapy to improve individual’s well-being, alleviate distress and maladjustment, resolve crises, and increase ability to function better in family.

We use a model which encourage families to develop constructive dynamic interaction.

Our team is equipped to work with the following client groups:
Family members, Parents, Sibling groups, Extended family members, Blended families


We aim to foster the positive growth of the whole person and our counselling team adopts a preventive approach in providing counselling services. We employ preventive measures in maintaining the psychological well-being of our students and families. Also, all children have their own potentials and strengths. Thus the strength-based approach helps to figure out their strengths and empower them to do problem-solving, manage their psychological stress and deal with the highs and lows of daily living in the future.

Examples of counselling focus:
Personal growth, Interpersonal relationship, Social skills, Emotional management, Time management, Anxiety, Social phobia


As registered counsellors, we comply with the ACA Code of Ethics and the professional standards of the ACA.