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“A solid teaching expertise, curriculum and rationale coupled with scientific proven effectiveness of our programs means we are the educator you can rely on at all points of life.” Toniana Choy, Training Director.

People Impact has invested over US$4 million in research and development of our curriculum. Leading professors from Harvard University, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Michigan University, Washington University and the University of Hong Kong were invited to invent and develop our methodology and programs. We only believe that scientifically proven education can make a tremendous difference to our children. These scholars, worked collectively with a team of educators from both Western and Oriental cultures to develop the core of all People Impact programs.

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One of the advantages of being People Impact’s student is you can attend the classes in different countries! In the past, we have brought our students to U.K., U.S.A., France, Korea and much more! People Impact values experiential learning, which engages children in critical thinking, problem solving and decision making in contexts that are personally relevant to them. Most importantly, it involves the application of skills and ideas to new situations. Through different exchange schemes with worldwide centers, our students are able to learn from different cultures as well as putting their skills in the new environment.



Our goal is to work with students and parents to provide the best education and support for their development. It requires a team of expertise across a variety of fields within education, such as psychology, counseling, coaching and social work. People Impact is able to collaborate across all these areas to provide the best solutions for parents and students.

The foundation of our expertise has enabled us to serve over 100,000 students annually, as well as a number of leading schools in Hong Kong and Singapore.


We strive to bring an impact to our student’s IQ, EQ and AQ. Academic research has proven that our programs have successfully improved different areas of our students, such as emotions, creativity, learning motivation and academics.

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Victoria Kindergarten
Diocesan Boy’s School Primary Division
Hong Kong International School
ESF Primary School
German Swiss International School
Maryknoll Convent School
Ying Wa Primary School

St. Catherine’s International Kindergarten
La Salle Primary School
Chinese International School
Singapore International School

St. Paul’s Co-ed Primary School
St. Francis of Assisi’s English Primary School

Harrow International School Hong Kong
Yew Chung International School
Yaumati Catholic Primary School
The ISF Academy

St Paul’s Primary Catholic School
Beacon Hill School