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From its founding in 2002 as People Impact, it has maintained two defining characteristics: a willingness to explore and adopt the best practices in education to nurture future leaders and at the same time, a commitment to providing fun and memorable learning experience.

Back in 2002, People Impact was founded by Mr. Charles Wong, a father with overseas education background and more than 10 years’ working experience in a variety of multi-national companies. Like every parent, Charles had expectation on his son, Paco, and was looking for a type of education to unleash the hidden potential of him. With practical working experience in challenging and demanding business environment, Charles noticed that soft skills are the secret key to success. However, the options for children to receive expert training to enhance their soft skills are limited in Asia at that time. It seemed to him that a soft skills revolution in the region was needed. With a vision of providing premium life skills programs to children and equip them to excel in an increasingly competitive community, Charles made a great sacrifice to his lucrative career in business world and established his own learning center. From the beginning, People Impact programs set out to be the unique programs focus on emotion management, verbal skills, interpersonal relation, critical and creative thinking. It was true when the first People Impact opened in 2002, and it’s just as true today.

People Impact


“If you wish to make an impact for one year, plant corn; if you wish to make an impact for a generation, plant a tree; if you wish to make an impact for eternity, educate a child.” This was the driving force behind our founder to establish People Impact in the year of 2002. The name, created by Charles, instilled the essence of education into the company, “People Impact” people. In here, every staff wants to be impacted in order to have an impact on our next generation.

What is the best thing of being a trainer in People Impact? Current trainers will likely say, to have a positive impact on children’s life. We engage our students with structured play and activities to nurture values and soft skills which they need in order to success. In People Impact, not only can they learn the skills to cope with the challenges in the future, but also experience a happy childhood which every single child deserves.

Privately owned, People Impact rely upon commercial success to survive at the very beginning, but we are driven by our values and mission to make a lasting impact on children we work with. “It fills me with pride to see how many schools and organizations integrate our programs into their curriculums and how many investors we have attracted throughout the years!”




The allegorical figure of growth, represented by a tree which is built with numerous human figures, was chosen as the logo. The People Impact emblem shows a tree of life which provides an analogy to children development. With cooling water, refreshing air and the light of sun, a tree grows in stature and strength and eventually blossom into full flower and fruits. In People Impact, we act as the sustenance from the environment for growing children in which later a larger and more mature personality emerges and begins to flower and fruits, providing its gifts and bounties to the world.

Today, People Impact is one of the leading education insitutes in the world. We pledge to do our best to deliver professional training to students of different cultural backgrounds. It is our hope that everyone can experience the simple joy of life because having a positive impact on someone's life is a blessing!